Tuesday 24 January 2017

9 Reasons You Must Hire Security Guards for Private Parties

By having professional security guards at your party venue, you can keep violence, fights, robbery and burglary at a bay to make a secure environment for your guest. Read here how security guards make your private parties great with their efficient services.

Security guards are as essential as catering and DJ for your private parties. A large gathering at your party venue attracts burglars, pickpockets and gate crashers. Don’t forget that some of your highly intoxicated guests’ can cause violence, injury or uproar to spoil your party. 

This is why investing in a security guard always makes sense, whether the party is at your home, a public venue, or even on a boat, you must hire security guards to avoid the most common private party problems.

A security guard not only prevents the crimes and chaos at your venue, but also helps you maintain a safe environment for your guests and your property.

Here are the reasons you must choose a security guard for your next party:

1) They Provide Immediate Assistance and Service

Security guards at your venue ensure immediate onsite help in case you have to handle intoxicated people. Their ability to respond quickly often minimizes or avoids the situation and possible risks before they spoil your party. 

2) They Check the Invitations

To make sure only invited guests enter the venue, they check the invitation cards at the entry. In this way, they prevent unwelcomed guests and suspicious people arriving at your party venue. 

3) They Control the Crowd

Security guards not only protect your guests, but also control the crowd during unpleasant situations. For instance, if there is a violence outburst at your party venue, this can quickly cause stampede risking everyone’s life. In this scenario, a security guard will efficiently handle the crowd to avoid the potential danger. 

4) They Handle the Parking Lots

Besides protecting your guests inside the venue, security guards prevent and identify potential risks in parking lots. This ensures your guests that their vehicles are safe from vandalism, theft and other crimes. Besides, the presence of security guards would make the potential burglar to drop their idea of breaking into your guests’ cars in the parking lot. They also assist local law enforcement officers to help capture suspects after a crime has been occurred in a parking lot.

5) They Provide Surveillance and CCTV Monitoring

While security guards watchfully look over the large gathering at a party, they still require CCTV monitoring and surveillance equipment to keep an eye on each and every corner.

In this way, they ensure your safety from behind the scenes, regularly viewing security footage through cameras and monitors. CCTV monitoring is useful in large and dark party locations where it is hard to manage the large crowd and foot traffic, for example dance parties. 

6) They Provide Assistance to the Guest

Security guards also provide assistant to your guests. They can safely escort guests to their cars and assist the elderly or physically impaired. 

7) They are Efficient in Emergency Situation Management

Professional security guards are well trained to deal with the emergency circumstances occurring at your party venue. They know how to handle intoxicated guests throwing tantrums or gatecrashers. In fact, they sense and react before the potential threat can become a legal risk or a life threating situation, thereby avoiding a problem in the first place. 

8) They are Deterrent to Criminals

A presence of security guard leaves an impression that your security arrangements are not sloppy. Besides, it visually deters the criminals looking to target your party spot. In other words, it sends a strong message that your party venue is highly protected and ready to be fortified in any circumstances. 

9) They Minimize Your Exposure in Lawsuit in Case of Accident

A party organizer is answerable if any accident occurs at the venue, making him prone to legal action or lawsuit. A security guard can also save you money and time by mitigating your involvement in lawsuits or confirming that you are not at fault. If incident takes place, a security guard can interrogate the victim and investigate the area for any issues or safety hazards. 

In this way, security guards provide a sense of security to guests and staff at party, not to mention the peace of mind to the owner.

Before choosing security services for your party, make sure the providers are:
  •  Familiar with local laws and legal requirement
  •  Experienced in providing security services
  •  Provide quality services
  • Fitting your budget and requirement
  • Having good client retention rate

And Secure Guard can satisfy all these abovementioned requirements!

We have been providing security services to all events and parties in Southern California including:
  •          Holiday
  •           Religious Events
  •           Birthday
  •           Wedding
  •          Graduation
  •           Opening Ceremony
  •           Bat Mitzvah
  •           Bachelor / Bachelorette

So it is a wise decision to hire experienced event security guards  providers for your next private party. 

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